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The latest version of Total Annihilation: Twilight is version 1.9 (Released March 12, 2011).

Required Downloads

The latest version is available as the full install only (No patch).
For help with installation of TA:T, go to the Installation section.

One Time Recommended Download

Be aware that as of v1.9, TA:Twilight no longer requires the tamechpi2004.ccx file to work. However, there are some maps/map packs out there that require a tamec feature file. I highly recommend getting the newer version that should work with all maps that required the old 2004 one, in addition to providing many new features as well. It can be downloaded here:

Full Version

Full Version (Primary):
Full Version (Mirror1):
NOTE: Please try the Primary first, and only use the Mirror when the Primary does not work, as I have limited bandwidth here at TAUniverse (Lately the full version download has used over 60% of my monthly bandwidth each month), but if for some reason the Primary link is dead/non-responsive, feel free to use the mirror. Thanks!

Patch Version

There is no patch from version 1.8 to 1.9. You must download the full version of v1.9.

Additionally, the changelog (Which is also included in the zip file) can be read right here:(Complete-Change-Log).txt

Recommended Downloads

NOTE: The TA Demo Recorder mentioned below is now included in the TA:T v1.9 release zip file. You no longer need to download the TA Demo Recorder separately. The text remains for informational puposes.

TA Demo Recorder

The Demo Recorder, though not required, is *highly* recommended.
The TA Demo Recorder (TADR) allows you to record demos of your multiplayer games (Sorry, no skirmish games) and watch them later, so you can see what you could have done better on, or to see how your opponent approached things. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to watch over your games to see how you could do things differently next time or pick up new tactics from your opponent.

It also adds in the ability to share line of sight with your allies and see their current amount and income of metal and energy, which makes working together as a team more intuitive. It adds in basic "whiteboard" functionality, allowing you to draw lines or mark things on the screen, so you can swiftly sketch out enemy defenses or targets when you scout the area. Your allies can also see your drawings, making this immensely useful for co-ordinating strategy. It allows you to set a text macro to a single button, so you can simply hit F11 to automatically set things like "+shootall" and "+shareall" at the beginning of a game, instead of having to type it all out. It also allows you to "drag" out a line of buildings with just a few clicks, which makes Dragon's Teeth walls much easier to do, or automatically queue up a "circle" of Dragon's Teeth around a building. There's even the ".cmdwarp" feature that allows you to pick starting spots for each Commander at the beginning of a round, allowing you to easily set up teams with the people you want on each one.

The file above also includes the TA Demo Recorder patch to update version 0.99b2 to version 1.0.
This version fixes up a few issues and bugs with the previous version. Most people have no problems with it, but a few have had it refuse to record games, or other issues. Try it, and if for some reason you have problems, if nothing else, you can always just use the 0.99b2 version only.
Just copy the files in the patch into your TOTALA directory (Some files will overwrite old ones), and you're done.
TA Demo Recorder version 0.99b2 and the 1.0 update patch - About 1.7 MB

Map Packs