Total Annihilation:Twilight

Welcome to Total Annihilation: Twilight

Installation Instructions

Just a few quick notes on installation of Total Annihilation: Twilight:
  1. Start with a fresh install of Total Annihilation. If you have lots of other random 3rd party units or other things in your directory, it can easily crash things, but it *will* work nicely with a clean install.
  2. Install Core Contingency, if you have it.
  3. Install the Total Annihilation 3.1c (Non-boneyards version) patch. You can download it here: ta1x-31c.exe
    NOTE: You do *not* need the 6 Cavedog unit (Flea, FARK, Scarab, Necro, Hedgehog, Immolator) .ufo files installed. They are included in the TA:T files. Adding them in is unnecessary and can cause crashes.
  4. Then download the zip file of the latest TA:T version and put the rev31.gp3 file in your TOTALA directory.
    (Rename the existing rev31.gp3 file if you want to keep it, otherwise replace it).
  5. Finally, delete the "gamedata" and "ai" sub-directories in your TOTALA directory if they exist (Or back them up, if you prefer), and then copy over the ones included in the TA:T zip file. Do *not* just copy the TA:T ones over the top of your existing ones, as this can leave old files that will interfere with things.
That should be it!

Don't forget to read the included changelogs to see what has changed in this and previous versions, or browse through the HTML Unit Guide to see the different attributes of various units. Just unzip the included Unit Guide zip file, and open the index.html file in the web browser of your choosing.
If you have any questions, ask on the forums, or email me at twilight13 [at] gmail [dot] com.